Insurance audit function

At AfriGlobal, we have a dedicated professional to handle your Insurance audit function.

Risk inspections

As Insurance Broker’s, we offer comprehensive risk inspections for our clients.

Insurance Policies We Offer

We offer Asset Protection Policies, Benefit or Welfare Policies, Statutory/Obligatory Policies

AfriGlobal Insurance Brokers

AFRIGLOBAL INSURANCE BROKERS LTD. Previously a subsidiary of MAINSTREET BANK LTD. Originally known as Afribank Insurance brokers Co. Ltd. Presently acquired through Management Buy Out (MBO) and their partners, institutional and private investors. The company was licensed on 23rd March 1988 as Afribank Insurance Brokers Co. Limited to transact all classes of Insurance business and it commenced business on the 1st of May, 1988. The company has about 29 solid years experience in Insurance Broking, Reinsurance Broking and Risk Advisory and Consultancy Services.

Board of Directors

Casmir Azubuike


Sulaiman Adedokun


Solomon Egbeleye


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